A native of the Chicago area, Darrin's early love for fine art, light & beauty was shaped by his Father, Grandfather and Chicago's great architectural history. His self-taught approach to capturing images, begins always with a careful study of light, exploring it's nuance and uniqueness.

It is through Darrin's unique interpretation and use of light, his approach to composition, and inherent curosity that call him to explore where the world's natural beauty beckons to be captured photographically.

From fine art landscapes to fashion and commercial assignments, Darrin enjoys the depth and essence that comes from, and exists most, in his exceptional portraiture of humans. There is an essential beauty in humanity at its core level ..... that sparkling quality that each human possesses. He is inspired by the way people choose to interact with their physical environment....the way they move through this world...the way of a Human and that of a "Being".

"I am always amazed, compelled and awed by Humans in their quality of 'Being'. At the end of the day, I believe all people are similar in their shared desire to be seen and captured on film with dignity and grace."


A full time Commercial Photographer, Creative Director and Producer, Darrin Harris Frisby produces still images using multiple Nikon D3s bodies and a full array of Nikkor lenses ranging from 10.5mm - 400mm.

Based in Boulder Colorado, Darrin regularly works on the road and travels for assignments. If you would like to discuss a project, assignment or concept, please call 303-589-6466